Tammy's Story

Hi there, I am Tammy!


My Story begins all the way back in 1999, when I was 13 (almost 14) years old, and my sister handed me a couple cake mixes and some decorations and asked me to make her Wedding Reception Cake.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I had fun! And my sister loved it! 


Fast forward to 2014, that same sister was pregnant with my niece Audry, and for the Babyshower I tried to make some Fondant Baby Cupcake Toppers, and I failed miserably, got super frustrated, and gave up...so I made a Diaper Cake instead. 
Diaper Cake Babyshower


For Audry's first birthday in 2015, I wanted to make her a special cake, but knowing how frustrating it was for me the last time, I turned to Etsy....and to my surprise, I was able to find and purchase Fondant Decorations by someone else and had it shipped to me. I baked the cake, frosted it and decorated it with the purchased Fondant Decorations! 
And so it began...I started to make Cakes and Cupcakes for Friends and Families birthdays...but instead of continuing to turn to Esty/someone else to make the Toppers for me, I turned to YouTube, and spent many hours watching YouTube tutorials and practicing making Fondant Decorations. 
After a couple years of Practice, I realized, no matter how much I practiced, I still did not fully enjoy the Baking and Frosting part, way too stressful...but making the Decorations is what I absolutely LOVE! 


In January 2019 I finally decided to start my small business: Tammy's Toppers! ...and since then I have been selling my Toppers online and shipping to all of the United States. 


In March of 2021 I decided to quit my Full Time Job of 15 years as an Administrative Assistant to 7 Lobbyists! In April 2021, I left California and moved to Texas and life has been wonderful!!!
Now I get to create full time during the day! Was it a huge risk to quit my stable Job? Yes, yes it was! Do I earn less money now than before? Yes, yes I do! Was it all worth it? ABSOLUTLEY!!!! It brings me so much joy getting to be creative!
I also hold the Title of: Best Aunt Ever to over 20 Nieces and Nephews...which is my most favorite position of all!
best aunt ever love niece nephew

I am extremely grateful for your Support of my small Business! And I absolutely love getting to see your finished Cakes and Cupcakes! So fun to see what we can create together by combining our Talents!

Happy Baking! 



Minnie Mouse selfie disneyland

Want to make a Minnie Mouse Cake?

I can now help you out with that :) I had a second chance to make another Minnie Mouse Cake in 2018 and this time I  made the decorations myself, and since 2019, my Minnie Mouse Topper Set has been one of my Bestsellers. 

I offer it in Red!
And in Pink!
And of course Purple!
My Favorite Color, if you haven't guessed by now! 
And even though making the Fondant Babies were the reason I first gave up on trying for an entire year...but I have since learned from YouTube and practice and have had the opportunity to make many Babyshower Cake and Cupcake Toppers! 
Baby on Succulent Cake Fondant Decoration Topper
Fondant Baby Babyshower Cupcake Decoration Toppers
Fondant Baby Babyshower Cupcake Decoration Toppers
Baby Boy Babyshower Fondant Cupcake Decoration Topper
Welcome Pumpkin Baby Babyshower Fondant Cake Decoration Topper
Babyshower Cake Fondant Wild One Decoration Topper